Strategies and Tactics for Elizabeth Michaels

The overall strategy for Elizabeth Michaels boutique is to generate more of a presence on the social media platforms they already use. Once these objectives are reached, it may be beneficial to branch out into other forms of social media like Twitter and Pinterest, but for not it is best to stick with Facebook and Instagram as their primary social media ventures and also their … Continue reading Strategies and Tactics for Elizabeth Michaels

Buzz Building for Elizabeth Michaels

Building buzz for a dress shop should be fairly easy to do, especially when targeting teenage girls who have larger budgets for their prom and homecoming dress needs. Making sure these girls know that no one else will have their dress, aka the one-of-a-kind factor is important; there is nothing worse than the fashion no-no of wearing the same dress as someone else. It will … Continue reading Buzz Building for Elizabeth Michaels

Elizabeth Michaels Video Analysis

Elizabeth Michaels specializes in homecoming and prom dresses. They sell to teenage girls between the ages of 16 and 19 who belong to middle class families and can look to spend from $300-$800 on a prom or homecoming dress. Sometimes these dresses serve a dual purpose of being a pageant dress. But for now, that is not our target audience. These girls are full time … Continue reading Elizabeth Michaels Video Analysis

Elizabeth Michaels on Social Media

If you are from the Pakersburg, Marietta, Vienna, Ravenswood or even Charleston area, chances are you have heard of Elizabeth Michaels. It is a prominent dress boutique in this small town area, where most girls go to purchase their homecoming or prom dresses. This boutique also sells wedding dresses and bridal party gowns. Opportunity Pitch From what I can tell, it would not appear that … Continue reading Elizabeth Michaels on Social Media

Twitter and blogging 

   Accidentally tweeted this one but you know it’s kinda clever so it’s all good.  My Isis tweet: “This just in, hostages from Norway and China for sale. Furthering inquires about price to follow.”  Kanye blog headline: “Nothing in life is promised except death, and Kanye West’s presidential nomination.”  ISIS blog headline: “For Sale: Norwegian and Chinese hostages. But at what cost?”  Continue reading Twitter and blogging 


So, basically, hackers are justifying being total douche bags for the sake of being a hero? I don’t buy it. I don’t feel like hacking into someone’s personal computer/files/website/email/Facebook whatever have you, could possibly be for anyone’s “greater good” other than maybe the hackers.  Hackers, like anonymous, have unearthed many things by being jerks. By invading someone’s personal space, getting all up in their grills, … Continue reading Hacktivism

Conversations over dinner: My experience with Live Tweeting 

It started out as a normal evening, around dinner time. My step mom, Stephanie comes home from work, and we all sit down at the table to have our meal.  As usual, in my house, the dinner conversation is never up to the social norm. By that, I mean we always talk about poop/pooping, sex, and other gross things you’re not supposed to talk about … Continue reading Conversations over dinner: My experience with Live Tweeting 

Social Experimentation

In today’s world, everyone has at least one form of social media. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, we constantly find ourselves plugged into a virtual world and vicariously living our lives through others and regularly seeking online validation.  Typically, people don’t post every day. In fact, it is seen as rather odd if someone posts status, tweets, or pictures on a regular basis. … Continue reading Social Experimentation